A Terrace For Al Fresco Dining

A terrace is an architectural term used primarily to describe an external flat area in either a landscape, such as a park or garden, or protruding from a building, as seen in private residences. Terraces are used primarily for leisure activities such as sitting, strolling, or resting. The terrance can encompass water elements, such as fountains or small ponds. The grading can be either pavers, concrete, river rocks or a variety of earth materials, depending on the style and look you are seeking. The term terrace, can also apply to a raised area in front of a monumental building or structure, which is usually reached by a grand staircase and surrounded by a balustrade. Terraces need not always protrude from a building; a flat roof area (which may or may not be surrounded by a balustrade) used for social activity is known as a roof terrace. A terrace may be supported by an embankment or solid foundation, either natural or man-made. Terraces may also be platforms, supported by columns but without the space below filled in. Terraces are always open to the sky, but may or may not be paved. On one point it is agreed; a terrace will invariably extend your homes living space and create a wonderful connection to outdoor and nature.

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