Purchasing A Home For The Holidays

If you’re house hunting over the holidays, you are most likely a serious home buyer with an immediate need. There are some real advantages to buying this time of year. First of all, there will be less competition. This lowers the chances of having to deal with multiple offers and bidding wars on your dream property. Second, you will be dealing with serious home sellers; which is always refreshing.

There will be no games. While everyone else is busy shopping and trimming the tree, the holiday/winter season seller is focused on getting their home under contract and closed. You will be dealing with a seller that is less likely to waffle on price and terms; and be more open for creative offers and closing terms. Third, you may be able to obtain a more swift loan approval. Winter is the off-peak season in lending. Shop the rates. Obtain multiple quotes. And last, but equally important; list prices are typically lower in December than any other month during the year; thus you do not have to be as aggressive with your initial offer. Tell the seller what you need. Then work it out. Happy House Hunting!

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