Hot Air Ballooning Over Beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia

Seeking an experience and unforgettable aerial tour over Central Virginia? Look no further than Bonaire Charters. Bonaire Charters offers some of the most spectacular scenic hot air balloon rides you will ever experience. Riding and meandering through the rolling hills of Central Virginia via auto is nothing, compared to the sweeping views over the majestic and tranquil Virginia countryside you will experience when high up over the hills.

Hot air ballooning, long a romantic fantasy adventure, is no longer simply a luxury for a few. You can enjoy the joy and serenity, as you drift quietly along in one of the oldest forms of air travel. After your balloon flight, the charter offers a traditional champagne toast made popular after the first hot air balloon voyage.

Bonaire Charters offers hot air ballon flights, twice per week. Enjoy a tranquil ride on the wind in a hot air balloon for a wonderful sensation and a bird's eye view of the gorgeous Virginia countryside.

Charlottesville Equestrian Realtor
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