Gypsy Hill Park, Staunton, Virginia

Gypsy Hill Park is a well kept secret in Staunton, Virginia. With 214 acres of multi-use recreational space, Gypsy Hill Park is truly a lovely family destination located in the heart of Staunton, Virginia at the intersection of Churchville Avenue (Route 250) and Thornrose Avenue. The architects and planners of this beautiful park created a 1.3 mile circular roadway which runs through the center of the park and is a designated play street, enjoyed by walkers, bicyclists and sports enthusiasts who love to rollerblade.

Covered pavilions with simple outdoor cooking facilities and picnic tables are available on a non-reservation basis. Other amenities include, baseball fields, basketball courts, a duck pond, fitness stations, a football field, a horseshoe park, playgrounds, a soccer field, as well as tennis and volleyball courts. An added treat, and the pride of Gypsy Hill Park is the Gypsy Express. This delightful mini-train has been operating for over fifty years, and the joy that passengers of all ages take in riding it has never diminished over time. Winding over the track, into a tunnel and across a creek, it is truly a fun way to enjoy the park!

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