Container Gardening Tips

Containers provide the potential for a garden in any amount of space. The smaller containers might hold a single impatiens plant or several petite plants, while a large container might harbor a tree or small bush. Keep these thoughts in mind when choosing your container pots as you move towards designing your lovely container garden. First off, small pots require more frequent watering than large ones. Second, oversize containers need an enormous amount of potting soil, so to save money, fill the bottom half of a big pot with packing peanuts or pinecones, then fill the balance with your planting soil.

And lastly, one large pot makes a bold style statement and is easier to maintain than numerous small ones. There are several things to consider in container gardens if you want them to look their best throughout the season. First off is light - will your containers be in the sun all day or partially in shade or is the opposite true?

Are there trees with which the light will filter through? Next, water and fertilizer - can your container garden be watered easily? If not, use plants that are drought tolerant such as lantanas, Star Hybrid zinnias, sun coleus, ornamental grasses, and sweet potato vines. And always keep in mind, multiple containers containing flowers of the same color are a lot more attractive than containers with different colors and different plants. The visual effect of a sea of one shade in multiple container pots, is stunning.

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