Conditioning Your Flowers

When you create a flower arrangement, you want the creation to last as long as possible. The proper conditioning of the cut plant material before arranging can ensure the life of your flowers and its greenery are prolonged as much as possible. The following methods for conditioning flowers have been tested and proven to be effective.

  1. Maximize water absorption and water maintenance:
  2. Cut your flowers early in the morning or near or after sunset.
  3. Cut the stems as long as possible.
  4. Place the flowers in warm water and leave them for several hours or overnight to absorb as much water as possible.
  5. Split the ends of woody-stemmed flowers or branches. Place them in hot water and leave them for eight hours or overnight. For flowers with stems that bleed white milky juices such as poinsettias and poppies, sear the stem over a flame to seal the cut and preserve moisture.
  6. Re-cut stems before placing the flowers in arrangements.

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