Charlottesville and Albemarle County

Very few areas of the country can claim they are home to three founding fathers who would become U.S. presidents. Charlottesville and Albemarle County most certainly can. Steeped in history and forever woven into the fabric of the community. Many of the area's familiar names today are references to its colonial-era past. Residents and visitors alike are familiar with "Barracks" as a road and wonderful shopping center. However, did you know it was named so, due to its role as a camp that housed British and German prisoners during the Revolutionary War?

The first American settlements around Charlottesville date even further back. For years, pioneers and travelers made the long journey on Monacan Indian hunting path into what became the Three Notch'd Road from Richmond to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Albemarle County itself was named for a colonial figure, the second Earl of Albemarle, who was then governor of the Virginia Colony. Charlottesville was named in honor of Princess Charlotte, who became queen of England when she married King George III in 1761. The town officially became a city in 1888, and what was Three Notch'd Road through Charlottesville then, is today the Downtown Mall and East Main.

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